$$$Some of you may already be into using the coupons, some of you may not. The point is, get into the habit. Coupons are your friend. The more you use them, the more savings you will get. Sounds simple, I know! Now comes the trick of finding the best deals online. These great deals aren’t just going to come out and bite you in the face. Well, some of them may. My point is you have to look. Let’s start shopping for those coupons.

1) The first thing you need to do is locate one of those RK coupons and read the fine print. Compare how much you will get by using the coupon, versus not using the coupon. The idea is to get money off. Some of our discounts are only available if you reach a certain limit. Do the math.

2) You are going to find tons of sites, not just ours, who offer the same sort of deals. The trick is knowing which deal will give you more. You might find a good deal at one of our competitors sites. Don’t just jump in. The idea is to shop with us. The idea is to click on our deals. Before you take the deal, look at what you are getting into. Find out how much you are really saving. Not all percent offs will give you the best discount, especially on other sites.

3) Some of the Reality Kings discounts can be save you tons on your subscription. Find your Discounts at Https:// Always take note of that. Many people get coupons sent to them in their inbox, and then never use them. You get those discounts for a reason. Check the locations. If you can scan it into your screen, they will be accepted. We actually have some printable coupons right here. Just click right at the arrow.

4) Do you like to stack your discounts? This is something that we frown upon. Unless there is a coupon that can’t be used with a gift card, don’t do this. Why do we at RK frown upon this? Simple. Too many people have abused this in the past. Many other sites have gone through this too. It’s best to know the terms and conditions first, before proceeding. You can find them here. Just click.


You should never have to spend more than you need to. Yes, other sites can offer you some really great deals; however, we are the ones who can only offer you the best deals. Do some comparison-shopping, then come back to us. You won’t be sorry.

What kind of good deals have you found through RK. Share your stories right here (write us